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16-Year-Old Steps Up In Major Way After His 32-Year-Old GF Gets Pregnant

The Happy Family


According to Jack, “Everyone just sees it as being wrong but at the end of the day everything is okay. Obviously I thought about [dad duties] but having the baby on the way made me try harder because I knew I needed it, not just for me, but the baby and the mum. I’m just taking it as it comes. Every day is different with him – you don’t know what he’s going to come out with – he recently just started saying ‘dada’. Every day is a surprise.”

Father/Son Bonding


Although it’s great that this couple has found a way to make it work, the fact that a 16-year-old and a 32-year-old just had a child together is a little strange. However, Kathleen says there’s much more to the couple than their age difference and she says that all three of them are happy and healthy.

Hey, live and let live – right?

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