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Woman Throws All Head Shots At Man After A Verbal Altercation Goes Wrong

From a young age, most of us are taught that’s it’s best to try to talk out our problems. We’re taught to keep our hands to ourselves and to respect people’s space.

Fight With Your Words


But if you’ve been in enough verbal altercations, you’ll eventually realize that well, some people probably won’t ever shut up until they get a good punch in the face.

Right In The Kisser


While some people are able to maintain their self control even in the most trying situations, sometimes people simply lose it. That’s exactly what happened to one woman after she got tired of going back and forth in an argument.

You Mad?


Although it doesn’t seem like either one of them came there with the intention of things getting physical, things got crazy when she started swinging. And when I tell you she was swinging! I’m talkin’ eyes close just swaangiinnn.

That left hook though? You gotta see it to believe it lol.

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