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Netflix Series Explores The Person Behind This Shockingly Explicit Graffiti

Over the last couple years, Netflix has put out some pretty interesting TV shows. With shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards covering very complex — and sometimes controversial — subjects, it only makes sense that Netflix would want to keep the momentum going.


Well, a new original series that is slated to air on Netflix next month (September) might be the most interesting one yet. If you thought you’ve seen some raunchy stuff on Netflix in the past, now is the time to clutch your pearls because it’s about to get REAL.


The show, American Vandal, is a “true crime satire series” that will borrow its format from true crime shows such as Netflix’s Making a Murderer.


So what topics will this groundbreaking series cover. As the title suggests, it will discuss vandalism, but not the kind you’re probably thinking.

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