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Pedestrian Gets Hit In The Face With Karma After Flipping Out On A Driver

Have you ever been crossing the street and instantly gotten pissed when you saw a driver getting a little too close to the crosswalk?

Have you ever been driving and instantly gotten annoyed when a pedestrian strolled his/her happy ass out into the street without looking?

Mmhmm, if you’re like me – you’ve been in both of these situations.

It Be Like That


We’ve all been on both sides, but that doesn’t stop us from being pissed when we see someone on the road do something we think is stupid – whether we’re walking or driving.

Back Off Bro


However, it’s still easy to see both sides of this interesting altercation when a pedestrian got a little testy after he felt like a driver had gotten a little too close to him while he walked his dog across the street.

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