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Brutal Photos Reveal The True Cruelty Of Bali’s Dog Meat Trade

Who doesn’t love a nice cute and cuddly animal? If you have a pet — particularly a dog — you know just how comforting it can be to have a furry little friend to greet you everyday.


You also know just how far you would go to make sure that your dog is happy and healthy. Sure, some people might think ‘oh, it’s just a dog,’ but to the people who love them – they’re much more than that.


So if you’re a dog lover, this story is sure to get your blood boiling. According to reports, it appears that people in Bali are brutally murder dogs and then selling their meat to unsuspecting tourists.


Apparently, people are kidnapping, torturing, and even poisoning these dogs in order to get their meat. While Bali has no law against eating dog meat, animal cruelty is illegal.

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