Bam Margera Hit The Viceland Studios Last Night And Joined Desus & Mero

Bam Margera took some time out of his schedule to sit down with the, self-proclaimed, number one show on late night television. If you’re a fan of Desus & Mero, you’ll probably agree. In case you haven’t caught up to speed yet, we suggest you hit VICELAND at 11 p.m. EST Monday-Thursday to see what you’re missing.


Desus Nice and “Get Money” Mero have a different style of interviewing their guests than most late night hosts. Instead of a scripted conversation, these gentleman swing from the hip. The freedom of being on VICELAND is perfect for the style. They also get away with being a little more explicit than network television… Which is perfect for a guest like Bam!

During the interview they speak with Bam about his time in Spain, getting back to skating, his wild antics, his love of sports cars (even if his friends and family seem to destroy them all), and how he got his start.

Lambo Sunroof!


With Bam’s episode of Epically Later’d coming to VICELAND on Sept. 6, it was only right that Bam sat down with one of the channel’s most popular shows. Cross-promotion at it’s finest.

At first glance, it may not have looked like the most natural pairing. A Jamaican and a Dominican from the Bronx matched up with a white guy from Westchester, PA, but just like The Odd Couple… It works perfectly!

Hanging with @desusandmero tonight at 11 pm on @viceland!

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