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Woman With Huge Boobs Shows The Problem With Having A Large Chest

We’re all pretty familiar with the saying about the grass being greener on the other side, right? There’s just something about seeing what other people have that makes us feel like we need to have it too.


But once you get the thing you thought you wanted so bad, it’s usually not as great as you think. That logic can be applied to almost anything – including boobs.


Yeah yeah I know, most people look at women with big boobs like they’ve been given an extra special blessing. Men lust after them and women wish for a little extra cup size boost.


However, most women with big boobs know that having such a large chest can actually be a pretty big pain. I mean seriously, can you imagine what it feels like to constantly have something heavy hanging from your chest?

Well, this woman can. And she’s about to show you why having big boobs can actually be an annoying problem.

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