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Man Posts Epic Response To Woman Who Called Him A “Dirty Biker”

Do you ever stop and wonder why some people are so rude? I know I do. Seriously, some people are so obnoxious, I really have to ask myself who — if anyone — raised them.


It seems like simple concepts of not judging or insulting others are lost on some people. Sadly, many of these people are able to walk around saying and doing whatever they want without having to face any backlash.


However, after making some rude comments about a man in a coffee shop, one woman found herself being put in her place.

Meet Luc Perreault


While stopping for coffee at a local Tim Hortons, Luc ran into a woman who saw his appearance and instantly referred to him as a ‘dirty biker.’ Instead of just letting the woman get away with her rude comments, Luc decided to respond in the best way possible.

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