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After Massive Butt Surgery, These Twins Are Going Back Under The Knife

These days, plastic surgery is more accessible than ever. With all these procedures, it’s possible to change anything you want, and some people get a little carried away.


Unfortunately, these procedures don’t always go according to plan, and there are a lot of people out here walking around looking like one big mistake. But sadly, that usually doesn’t stop them from going back under the knife.


That’s exactly the case with twin sisters, Nadinne and Dannita Bruna. The Argentinian duo gained notability when their appeared on E!’s TV show, Botched. Both twins had undergone fat transfer procedures to make their butts bigger, and Dr. Terry Dubrow said, “The Bruna twins had probably the largest fat transfer buttock augmentation I’ve ever seen.”


While the work done on their backsides was successful, the twins had some other plastic surgery mishaps they hoped Botched’s doctors could repair. However, while Nadinne was on the show to fix sagging skin on her arm and Dannita wanted to fix a bad boob job, their butts stole the show.

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