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Kind Boxer Stops Fight To Fix His Opponent’s Dislocated Shoulder

Boxing is one of the most violent sports in the world. Seriously, the whole point is to see who can hit his/her opponent the hardest, with the ultimate goal being to knock the other person out.


So any time boxers step into the ring, they have to mentally prepare themselves to get into straight beast mode. You can’t be trying to knock somebody’s head off and want to be nice at the same time.


Or can you? Well, it looks like the answer is yes. at least for Paata Tschapelia who proved that you can still be a little compassionate – even during a boxing match.


During a recent fight against, Paata’s opponent, Arkadiusz Wroblewski, dislocated his shoulder. While others may have taken advantage of the situation, Paata decided to take a different approach.

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