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Breast Cancer Survivor Covers Chest Scars In A Beautifully Creative Way

Each year, thousands of people across the world are diagnosed with breast cancer. Although the disease can affect both sexes, it is most commonly found in women.


Modern medicine has been able to work miracles over the years. But out of all of the advances that have been introduced to the world, there is one thing that we’re all still waiting for, and that’s a cure for cancer. Although many forms of cancer are treatable if caught early, many treatments can leave the body with permanent effects and scars. That is especially true for breast cancer, where many patients are undergo a double mastectomy to remove the cancer.


Life after a double mastectomy can be hard to adjust to because for many women, breasts are a large part of their feminine identity. However, after going the procedure, one cancer survivor decided to take her life back in a very unique way.


30-year-old Allyson Lynch was determined to show herself and others that having a double mastectomy didn’t have to be the end of the world. Instead, something beautiful could actually come from the scars.

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