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Mom Posts A Pic Breastfeeding Two Babies, But Only One Child Is Hers

Although most people know about the benefits of breast feeding, this method still remains to be a controversial topic in many circles. It’s not so much the breastfeeding itself that raises eyebrows, but more so how, when, and where women choose to do it.


But not only does breast milk provide babies with lots of important nutrients, but breast feeding is also a great bonding experience for mother and child.


But what if the woman who breastfeeds a child isn’t actually his/her mother? Jessica Colletti, who has an 16-month-old son, found herself facing some online scrutiny after posting a picture of herself breastfeeding two baby boys. While one of the boys was hers, the other was not.


However, Jessica has an explanation for the whole situation – and it’s actually kind of heartwarming…even if it is slightly creepy lol.

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