NASCAR Driver Brennan Poole Is Doing Great Things For The City Of Houston

Driving almost 200 mph is what NASCAR driver Brennan Poole does regularly. When Hurricane Harvey hit his hometown of Houston,TX, with wind speed comparable to his race car along with 30-40 inches of rain, it caused over $180 Billion in damage and left tens of thousands of people displaced.


With all of this devastation happening in his hometown, Brennan knew he had to do something, so he stepped up. Brennan has already raised enough to provide over 5,000 meals for those in need, and will continue to do what he can. You can help join the effort by going HERE to donate and show your support.

The third year NASCAR XFINITY Series regular has a special connection to us here at BamMargera.com as he’s not only the only avid skateboarder in NASCAR, but he’s also friends with Bam personally. So, if you love skating, love NASCAR, are a fan of Bam’s or a fan of Brennan’s… Please donate what you can!

Brennan Poole Skating With Bam!

Adding To The Aesthetic!

Bam Enjoying A Race!

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