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Britney Spears Concert Interrupted After Fan Cartwheels Onstage And Attempts Attack!

There’s no denying the fact that getting the chance to see an artist you love perform live is one of the greatest experiences any music fan can have. There’s just something about concerts that can make hearing your favorite songs feel extra special.


So, if you’ve ever been to a concert you know that the energy can be pretty intense and things can definitely get a little on the crazy side.


Still, just because you’re at a concert letting loose and having a good time, doesn’t mean it’s a free-for all. But clearly, one Britney Spears fan never got the menu.


Recently, one of Britney’s Las Vegas shows had a very unexpected moment when an overly excited fan decided to rush the stage. Although the fan was eventually subdued, it was definitely a weird few seconds for everybody in the building.

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