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Legally Blonde: Teacher Mistakenly Sends Photos Of Herself To Care Insurance Company

We’ve all had a few ditzy moments here and there. Sometimes it’s easy to get confused or accidentally say or do something that doesn’t make sense. It’s just a part of life.


For lots of people, ‘blonde’ moments are few and far between, and when they do happen they’re not too serious. But for some people, it’s a completely different story. We all know at least one person who’s always doing or saying something that has the rest of us wondering if their brain even works.


25-year-old teacher, Alyssa Stringfellow, found herself wondering the same thing after having a moment so ditzy it went viral.


After signing up for new car insurance, Alyssa was asked to send photos of her car before the process could be completed. But Alyssa misunderstood the request and sent pictures of herself instead. What happened next is simply Internet gold.

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