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Legally Blonde: Teacher Mistakenly Sends Photos Of Herself To Care Insurance Company

Although she was reluctant to tell anyone at first (who wouldn’t be?), Alyssa eventually shared her story on Facebook.

Why on earth would anyone think a car insurance company needed to see pictures of anything but a car?


And first of all, who the hell took these pictures? Did they think to ask what she needed them for? Because had she told someone what she was doing she probably could have avoided a lot of embarrassment.


After sending the photos to the insurance company, an agent responded to Alyssa and explained that she would need to send pictures of the car instead.


Alyssa attributes the mix up to her lack of street smarts. Hopefully she’s learned her lesson but it’s kind of scary to think about the fact that she’s teaching people’s kids lol.

But hey, you know what they say, you live and you learn.

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