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What Happens When A Christian And A Satanist Spend 24 Hours Handcuffed Together?

Most people couldn’t imagine being handcuffed to anyone for an entire 24 hours, let alone someone who is the complete opposite. Think about it, how would you feel knowing that you were literally joined at the wrist with someone for an entire day? Already feeling a little claustrophobic, huh?


Well for two people, that exact scenario became a reality when Buzzfeed challenged a devout Christian and a modern-day Satanist to spend an entire day handcuffed to each other.


As you can imagine, this little social experiment was meant to make both participants feel uncomfortable, but also to help them see that maybe they aren’t as different as they initially thought.


In the process, though, it seems like something else ended up happening – and neither one of them could have seen it coming.

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