This Guy’s Way Of Dealing With Door-To-Door Evangelists Is NSFW Genius

We’ve all been there. We’ve all suffered through the inconvenience and lack of consideration. After a rough Friday night and a restless sleep, we’ve heard the doorbell ring or the rapping on the front door and wondered, “who’d be so rude as to wake me up so early on a Saturday morning?” The answer, obviously, is those roaming religious fanatics, almost always associated with the Jehovah’s Witness movement, or on rare occasions, the Mormons.

They Want To Spread The Good Word About Their Religion


Their message is always the same: “Can I have a moment of your time to tell you the Good News about Jesus Christ” or something along those lines. When you blurt out “NO,” they back away slowly, all while offering you a complimentary copy of the evangelical magazine Watchtower for your circular filing cabinet. Usually, you graciously decline, cursing under your breath – that is, if your open the door at all. Sometimes, all these fanatics see is your front porch as they pursue their mandated mission.

And All They Want To Do Is Hand You This


Of course, like those who troll the constant stream of phone calls that come to their smart device via telemarketers and other scammers, there are some people who purposely take on the traveling evangelist with the goal of making their lives as miserable as possible. Sometimes, they attack religion in general. In other instances, they counter with a contrary dogma. And then there’s the guy in the video included here, who decides to answer the door with his…well, see for yourself..

But This Is How You Usually Confront Them


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