Prepping For Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor Gets Owned By His Sparring Partner

It’s either all hype, or all heat. It’s either the biggest thing ever to hit both boxing and it’s street fighter cousin, the MMA, or the last nail in the coffin for both. Granted, the sweet science needs this a lot more than the brutal and bloody upstart, but with all the controversy surrounding the bout, there’s bound to be some blowback there too. When he announced that he was retiring from the pro circuit, champion Floyd Mayweather swore he was never coming back. He was paid. He was healthy. And he was happy.

Money With His Money


Then two figures from the UFC got under his skin. Before she was shown the door, Ronda Rousey made it clear she wanted to try her luck against Mr. Money. That never happened, partly because of all the red tape between the two organizations, but also because our gal proved less than successful defending herself against her own sex. Then Conor McGregor came along and started making noise. Now, after denials and negotiations, Showtime will offer up a clash of the titans come August 26.

Now He’s Agreed To Take On Conor McGregor


That’s right – Mayweather is taking on the newcomer and it promises to be a massive PPV event. Both men are definitely getting paid – rumor has it they will split a near $500 million payday – but that hasn’t kept the critics from complaining about the set-up. Mayweather is a certified pro. McGregor has had some professional fights, but he’s more used to the no-holds-barred freestyle chaos of the Octagon.

It Promises To Be Epic, Or A Big Mistake


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