Drunk Dope Knees Cop In The Nuts, And Pays For It

There’s a time and a place to be brave. In the face of danger, when others would turn and run away? Yes, it’s appropriate then. When someone you love is being threatened and you need to act or lose them, possibly forever. Yes, that’s a good one too. On the battlefield, or in the service of the security of your country. Absolutely. When a cop pulls you over for a possible DUI? Well…

They Are Supposed To Serve And Protect


Now, we aren’t suggesting that it’s ever right to confront the police, but there are times when a law enforcement officer can overstep their bounds, and in those incidents, a little citizen uprising (or at the very least, a handy cellphone camera) can calm things down. But should you ever put your hands, or fists, or knees on a member of the thin blue line. Well…only if you want the outcome that occurred in the video included here.

Until You Provoke, That Is


From what we can tell, dude did not like being pulled over. He especially didn’t like being punked in front of his lady. It was time to man up, drop those testicles, and put on your big boy’s pants. So naturally, as the police (and there are many of them) try to calm this bro down, he gets more and more agitated. And then…it happens, and when it does, our boy’s arm candy can do very little except scream like she’s witnessed a murder.

Then, It’s Your Ass


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