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John Cena Lookalike Punches Woman In The Face During Road Rage Incident

If you’ve ever driven a car, you know that road rage is real. Let’s be honest, most of us probably can’t even get through an entire day without wanting to pull up on somebody and punch them in the face.


Of course, however, most of us just keep right on pushing – and these road rage moments don’t usually escalate into anything beyond a few four letter words and middle fingers.


But there are some occasions where road rage gets out of control – and two drivers in the UK recently became the main characters of a crazy story after tempers began to flair while driving.


According to reports, after an incident in which a male driver allegedly tried to run a female driver off the road, the woman threw nails at the man’s car. The woman then admitted that she threw a “chisel at his car and smashed his car window”.

As you’re probably already guessing, things only got worse from there, and one driver ended up with a knuckle sandwich and an ice cold glass of fruit punch.

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