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Man Kills Spider In His Basement, Within A Few Seconds Finds Himself Under Attack

I think we’ve all heard that it’s bad luck to kill spiders, but has that ever stopped us from freaking out and stomping them to death every time we see one crawl across a wall or floor in our home?



I mean yeah, we all know that spiders serve a purpose in the eco system. If it weren’t for them – there would probably be a lot more bugs crawling around in our homes. But when you see a spider crawling in front of your feet – that’s probably the last thing you’re thinking about.


So if killing one spider is stressful enough – how would you feel if for every spider you killed – 10 more appeared.


Exactly. You would be scared as hell. Well, for one man, that spider nightmare became a shocking reality after killing a spider in his basement led to an all-out war.

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