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VIDEO: He Puts His Head In A Crocodile’s Mouth, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It’s the same old story told in the same old way. Well, sort of. When people go to a NASCAR race, they’re not necessarily there to see their favorite drivers and team personalities many MPH around a large concrete oval. They are there for the crash, the twist of metal and the possibility of death (though most won’t admit to such bloodlust).

We Love Car Wrecks


It’s the same with the circus. A lion tamer is cool. A big cat handler being chased around the cage by a maneating tiger is what we really want to see. Let’s face it – we’re a violent people. We like violent things. We love violent films. We gawk at car accidents and wonder what’s behind that yellow police tape. Why else would there even be things like alligator and/or crocodile shows? Do you really think a tourist visiting Florida has that much interest in reptiles?

We Gape At Animal Attacks


Of course not. They remember the scene from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom when the main villain is eaten by a pack of swamp critters and they want to see it recreated live…IN THE FLESH. Well, an audience over in Asia got just that the other day during a performance by a crocodile trainer. Over in Thailand, a man was showing tourists just how brave he is/was/will be by teasing a fairly big bayou lizard.

But This Guy Barely Made It Out Alive


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