48-Year-OId Dad Leaves Wife And 7 Kids To Live As A 6-Year-Old Girl

For many transgender people, they experience a lot of pain that they can’t deal with alone.

Some of the trans community were shunned by their families others were fired and blacklisted in their career fields.

Members of the LGBTQIA have more resources now then they did even a decade ago which have been used to help people cope with the negative reactions they’ve received or the constant pain of living your life as someone you’re not.

Countless lives have been saved due to many of these programs which lend support in a mental health capacity so that these people can move forward.

But there are many kinds of therapies used to help the LGBTQIA cope but some are being called controversial.

Stefonknee Wolscht is feeling the wrath of many people after the story of leaving his wife and kids went viral.

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