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44-Year-Old Mother Claims Can’t Find A Man Because She’s Too Attractive

Dating has never been easy. Constantly putting yourself out there with the hopes that someone will see something special in you can get exhausting. Combine that with the fact that lots of people are fickle and unfaithful, and you’ve got the giant clusterf**k that is today’s dating scene.


Basically, no matter who are are, finding the right person to commit to presents a huge challenge. Dawn Cousins, a 44-year-old woman, seems to be having an especially hard time finding somebody worth her time.


So why is Dawn having such a hard time finding a mate? Is it because there’s something ‘wrong’ with her? Actually, it’s the opposite. In fact, Dawn believes the reason she’s having such a hard time is because she has to many ideal qualities.


Yup, that’s right, Dawn believes that she’s just too attractive – and that’s why she can’t seem to get a serious date.

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

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