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44-Year-Old Mother Claims Can’t Find A Man Because She’s Too Attractive

Aside from being too good looking, Dawn also says that the fact that she’s very fun is a deterrent to many guys. Um, what?! Being cute and fun are usually things that people find attractive, but ok sis.

During an interview on a local talk show, Dawn said:

“I’m a very attractive woman… I look very young. I’m very fun and I’m not your typical 44-year-old woman of four children.

So I’m finding that younger guys are messaging me, wanting to take me out, but they just want me because I’m hot.

And then older guys, don’t put any effort into themselves, but yet they want me to send them pictures of me looking good and they want to look at my body.

And then they say, ‘Okay, I’ll go out with you’, but even if they don’t they still want to go out with me because I look young for my age.”

We’ve officially heard it all now. Perhaps the real reason guys don’t want to date Dawn because she’s full of herself? Just a thought, sis!

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