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Mother Confronts Daughter After Finding A ‘Sex Toy’ In The Dishwasher

If there’s one thing no parent wants to think about when it comes to their child(ren), it’s them being sexually active. Sure, you know it’s going to happen at some point, but the thought alone is enough to send most parents into cardiac arrest.


So when parents finally have to face the fact that their little babies have been doing some baby making activity of their own, it’s definitely a tough day.


So you can only imagine how shocked one mother was whens he opened up the family’s dishwasher and found what she thought was her daughter’s sex toy.


Let’s be real though, finding a sex toy in a dishwasher, no matter whose you thought it was, is a pretty traumatic experience lol. However, things got even funnier when the mother realized what she was actually looking at. Gotta love moms lmao.

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