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Girl’s Body Has Insane Reaction After She Puts LSD Tabs In Her Eyes

From an early age, most people grow up learning that drugs are bad. Between lectures from parents and school programs, the message is received loud and clear: don’t do drugs.


Unfortunately, however, there aren’t enough horror stories and PSAs in the world to stop some people from dibbling and dabbling in the drug(s) of their choice.

Sure, some people may think they have more fun when they’re high, but as they say, it’s all fun and games until someone loses and eye – and this girl’s story is proof.


Apparently, this party girl decided she was going to ramp her night by taking a little LSD. However, instead of placing the tabs under her tongue, she decided to place them directly onto her eyes.


Although she probably thought the drug was going to help make her night more fun, the exact opposite ended up happening and she ended up quickly regretting her choice.

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