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Drunk Women Go On A Violent Rampage After Exiting An Uber In Hollywood

Have you ever been out in public and come across people who flat out don’t know how to act. It’s like any sense of home training has been completely lost on them, and they’re just out in the world acting like nothing matters.


Basically, there’s no way around the fact that some people are just hot ass messes (especially when they’re drinking), and it’s not always possible to avoid them.


So, when two drunk girls hopped out of an Uber in the parking lot of an In-N-Out restaurant in California, you already know something crazy was about to go down.


Although most people were probably expecting the girls to make some sort of scene, they definitely weren’t expecting it to escalate to the level that it actually did. It’s probably safe to say that this is the most action an In-N-Out parking lot has ever seen.

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