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Anorexia Left Her Days From Death, But This Woman Transformed Herself Into An Inspiration

Maintaining a healthy weight is something that lots of people struggle with. Whether it be eating too much or eating too little, trying to find a happy medium is a challenge that can have some very serious consequences.


These consequences are something that Annalise Mishler knows all too well. For years, Annalise suffered from an eating disorder called ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) that left her extremely underweight.


Unlike anorexia, ARFID is “the restriction doesn’t stem from a desire to lose weight and body dysmorphia isn’t present.” In an interview, Annalise told Life & Style“My particular case stemmed from a sexual abuse that left me anxious and experiencing sensory problems that were very present whenever I would eat.”

At one point, Annalise had gotten so thin that she weighed just 60 pounds. However, after stepping down the road to recovery, Annalise was able to do a complete 180 into a healthier lifestyle.


Now a fitness and lifestyle coach, Annalise is using her Instagram to share her story and inspire others.

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