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Anorexia Left Her Days From Death, But This Woman Transformed Herself Into An Inspiration

Annalise, who advocates that anyone suffering from an eating disorder gets the proper treatment, also told Life & Style: “If you’re suffering with an eating disorder, you need help.You need a therapist, a dietitian, and probably a psychiatrist – a team of people who can advocate for you and help you with every single step of the way.”

Annalise continued, “Absolutely one of the hugest misconceptions is that people with eating disorders are vain, doing it for attention, or obsessed with their appearances.”

She concluded by saying, “I can say with 100% surety that people I met in eating disorder treatment are the best, brightest, most empathetic people I have ever been around… It’s a REAL mental disease, not a ‘diet’… these are all illnesses that one does not choose.”

Annalise’s transformation is definitely impressive, and hopefully she can help other people struggling with eating disorders.

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