Viceland’s EPICLY LATER’D Is Giving You A True Look Into Bam’s Life!

Epic – adjective – Heroic or grand in scale or character.
                             Particularly impressive or remarkable.

Bam Margera, along with his CKY and Jackass brethren, defined a generation of kids and young adults. From skateboarding to full blown celebrity, Bam’s rise from a Pennsylvania kid with big ideas to realizing his dreams come to fruition is what movies are made of. The difference is, in real life everything doesn’t have a silver lining.


If you’ve followed Bam’s path you know everything hasn’t been peaches and cream, but when you have the kind of drive and determination that he has, redemption isn’t impossible… it’s inevitable.

In Vice’s new series, EPICLY LATER’D, they take a look back on how Bam got started, what made him the star that he is, and where he is today. It’s a far cry from the starry eyed kid that wanted to be a pro skater, but in the episode you’ll see Bam is truly getting back to his roots, no matter how long that may take.

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