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Fighting Soldier Gets Shot By His Own Man Like The Keystone Cops

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War is chaos. That is true. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on when the dust is flying and everyone is running around.

Things can get confusing. People are darting in every direction and the situation is constantly changing. Bullets are flying through the air and no one is safe. But, no one expects to be hit by their own man.

What’s worse is that the situation is nothing like just described. The soldier is on the sidewalk with the enemy far down range. No one is running around making the situation more confusing.

All a soldier has to do is point his rifle in the right direction and fire it. It really couldn’t be any simpler, especially for a trained soldier wearing the uniform. A bad shot can be expected from a ten year old kid with his mother yelling at him in the background. But, this isn’t a video game. This is real life and it can often go wrong.

Like The Keystone Cops At Their Best

keystone cops

These guys were the epitome of inefficient movement in action. When guys on the same team keep bumping into each other while the bad guy gets free, Hollywood can make a mint. But, it happens in real life. You can’t make this stuff up.

This Signs A Real Hit

the sign was a hit

People do it to themselves when they don’t think things through. They go in with fists flying and they wait until the dust settles to tally up the damage. Too bad that sometimes the damage is worse than they can imagine.

What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

spiderman smells danger

It’s not cool to have a gun pointed at you ever. But, when it’s your own guy holding the gun? That’s a Keystone Cop move and it would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous.

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Written by Michael Allen

Author of A River in the Ocean as well as several other books. Learn more about him at Michael Allen Online.