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Florida Man Single Handedly Fights Off 5 Burglars Who Entered His Home

Have you ever wondered what you’d do if you found yourself in a life or death situation? Most of us would like to think we’d by the type to save the day and beat everyone’s ass if necessary. But in reality, lots of people would probably be ducking in a corner and hoping for the best.


However, there are some people who somehow manage to rise to the occasion in the face of tremendous danger, and one Florida man is proof.


According to reports, one man managed to fight off five burglars who had entered his home. Since he didn’t have a gun – he picked up the next best thing: a machete.


Although he was largely outnumbered, he still managed to hold his own and keep his home safe. Meanwhile, the burglars didn’t actually take anything – and they ended up getting caught. Sounds like a win/win for this guy!

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