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After Surviving Brutal Burns, Man Uses Freddie Krueger Mask To Cope

As much as everyone wants to feel special and unique, the reality is that nobody wants to be the odd person out. Sure, when people are showing you attention for being different in a good way, it can feel great. But when people are only paying attention to you to focus on your imperfections, it can be a pretty lonely feeling.


This is something that burn victim, Freddie Beeson, knows all too well. Freddie was badly burned in a garden fire. The burns covered all of Freddie’s body from the neck down, and he was in a coma for three months.


However, after undergoing 30 surgeries and being told that he may not be able to have a normal life, Freddie beat the odds and bounced back.


He even found a very unique way to cope with his new appearance, and Freddie is proof that having a good sense of humor can definitely get you a long way – even in the darkest situations.

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