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VIDEO: April The Giraffe Aims For Vet’s Baby Maker After He Gets Too Close To Her Child

If there’s one thing most of us know, it’s that you shouldn’t mess with baby animals. Seriously, one of the best ways to piss a mother off, is to come for her children. Although momma bears are most popular for their protective behavior, it’s something that is seen in all sorts of animals.

Who Want It?


If anyone would be extra aware of this, you’d think it’d be a vet. After all, vets spend lots of time in school learning all about animals and how to care for them. But apparently, there’s one vet who wasn’t paying enough attention in class.

Yeah, You Already Know This Isn’t Gonna End Well


While checking on the baby of April the Giraffe, one vet found himself in a tough situation. April became famous recently after the birth of her baby was live streamed on the Internet, and it looks like she doesn’t take too kindly to people messing with her kid.

Get Back


While trying to feed April and her baby, it looks like this vet got a little too close for April’s comfort. Without hesitating, she jumped right into mommy mode, and, well, the rest is history.

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