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Girl Drinks Bleach And Locks Her BF In A Room During Massive Meltdown

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know first-hand that ‘love’ can make you do all sorts of crazy things. For real, being in your feelings can have you acting out of character in ways that you could have never imagined.


While this can sometimes be a good thing, it usually ends up being the total opposite. Instead of being transformed into the good and positive person you’d always thought you’d be when you found love, you become crazy and irrational lol.


That’s exactly what seems to have happened to one woman after an issue in her relationship caused her to have a complete melt down.


Although it’s unclear what issue the couple was having, it’s clear that this girl had completely lost it. I’m talking so lost that she’ll probably never find it again lol.

However, whatever the issue was, it caused this girl to drink bleach AND hold her boyfriend hostage. Like, what sis?!

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