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They Called Police After Seeing ‘Decapitated Body’ But Learn It’s Not What They Thought

When Halloween comes around, most people expect to see at least a few things that are out of the ordinary. A ghost here, a witch there, maybe even a skeleton just hanging out in someone’s front yard. It’s no secret that creepy decorations are just part of the Halloween spirit.


But every year, there are always a few instances of people who simply can’t distinguish real from fake. Sure, some people’s Halloween decorations are very realistic, but damn lol.


Recently, a police department in Tennessee had to deal with this issue head-on after receiving several 911 calls about a decapitated body lying in a local driveway.


The “body”, however, was nothing more than an early Halloween decoration but it took officers pulling up to the ‘crime scene’ with sirens blaring to figure this out.

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