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Topless Woman Dies After Hanging Out The Window Of A Moving Car

How many times have you done something stupid and lived to tell about it? Probably more times than you can count, right? That’s because we’ve all done some pretty questionable things, and somehow managed to get away with them.


Unfortunately, though, sometimes our bad decisions have consequences that we can’t come back from, and that was the case for one young mother, Natalia Borisovna Borodina, after she decided to hang out of a moving car.


At the time, this probably didn’t seem like the worst idea in the world, and it’s something lots of people have done. However, things quickly took a turn for the worst.


While hanging out of the window, Natalia, who was topless at the time, collided with a pole at a high speed. The force from the impact was so hard that Natalia ultimately died from her injuries.

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