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11-Year-Old Gets Terrifying Burns After ‘Friend’ Douses Her With Boiling Water

Lots of people have fond memories of their childhood, but the truth is that being a kid isn’t fun for everyone. Although your years as a kid should be full of fun and cool new experiences, there are lots of people whose younger years are filled with bullying and negativity.


11-year-old Jamoneisha Merritt is living proof of this after her friends turned her into the victim of a bizarre Internet challenge involving a cup of hot water.


Apparently, Jamoneisha was sleeping over at a friend’s house, when the other girls decided they wanted to do the “hot water challenge.” The girls then boiled a pot of water, poured it into a cup, and dumped it on Jamoneisha while she slept.


The boiling water badly burned Jamoneisha on her neck, face, and head. Jamoneisha was immediately taken to the hospital where she was placed in intensive care.

The attack left her with more than physical injuries as Jamoniesha tries to understand why her friends did something so vicious. However, her mother, Ebony, has a theory.

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