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11-Year-Old Gets Terrifying Burns After ‘Friend’ Douses Her With Boiling Water

Although there are people who claim that Jamoneisha and her 12-year-old attacker were best friends, her mother believes otherwise.


Her mother told a local news station that she “was told that they didn’t like her. And they just been bullying her.”¬†Ebony says that she hopes that posting pictures of her daughter’s injuries will help “kids to know how serious this is.”

Although bullying isn’t anything new, it seems to be getting more and more violent – especially as social media’s popularity continues to rise.

Jamoniesha’s attacker has been arrested, but there’s no word on whether or not the family plans to press charges.

Hopefully this tragic story will encourage some parents to sit down and talk with their kids about bullying and the dangers of peer pressure and social media.

Watch Below For More Of Jamoneisha’s Story

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