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People Are Given An iPhone 4, Told It’s An X, and Still Fall In Love!

When Apple announced the company’s latest phone, the iPhone X, lots of people were very impressed with the new handset. Departing from Apple’s well-known design, the iPhone X is noticeably different from all previous versions of the phone.


But as with all other Apple releases, other than the phone’s physical design, there weren’t too many things that were actually different from any other iPhone. Which means, most people’s excitement was nothing more than hype. Lots of people don’t actually care about new features or how good the phone is, they just want to get their hands on something new.


Jimmy Kimmel just proved this during a hilarious segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. During the show, random people on the street were handed an iPhone X to play around with and asked to share their opinions on the device.


But in true Jimmy Kimmel fashion, there was a plot twist. The phone the people were given wasn’t an iPhone X; it was an iPhone 4, a device that was released back in 2010.

Surprisingly, no one noticed the difference – and they were actually impressed lol.

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