‘John Wick’ Is Getting A TV Series Prequel, And Keanu Reeves Will Participate

He’s one of the most understated and genial stars out there. He’s built a reputation as both a solid actor and a true humanitarian. In the beginning, he was part of the new wave of young performers who encapsulated their times in both comedies (Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) and dramas (River’s Edge). By the time the Wachowskis cast him as the savior of a VR computer based society, few thought of him as an action hero. But the Matrix movies changed all that.

John Wick Is A Bad Ass


Now, Keanu Reeves can pick and choose the projects he wants, and his current obsession is with an assassin with a vendetta, John Wick. Coming out of nowhere, the 2014 shoot ‘em up went on to be a sizable hit, raking in nearly $90 million at the box office (it only cost $20 million to make). Naturally, there was a sequel, which nearly doubled that take ($177 million on a $40 million budget). While there is talk of a third entry, we are definitely getting more Wick when a TV prequel series airs – and word has it Reeves will be part of it as well.

Don’t Mess With Him – Or His Dog – If You Want To Live


Not a big part, mind you. This is Neo we are talking about, not some tired has-been looking for a way to jumpstart their sagging career fortunes. No, the John Wick prequel series will be called The Continental. That’s the name of the hotel chain used by the fictional hired killers around the world. We saw the first Continental, located in NYC, in the first film. The sequel confirmed there were many more. Now, we are getting that backstory, and Reeves has agreed to make a cameo as part of the production.

Now We’ll Get A Chance To See Some Of His Backstory


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