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Fan Launches Bottle On Stage After Justin Bieber Forgets Words To “Despacito”

Being a pop super star seems like a pretty easy job, right? I mean, you get to travel the world and make millions of dollars – and all you have to do is stand on stage, look cute, and belt out a few words.


A job like that is something that most of us who are stuck sitting behind a desk all day would kill for. I mean, you’ve got to admit that it looks pretty fun to get paid just to keep people entertained.


So you can only imagine how annoyed Justin Bieber’s fans were when he took the stage to perform his version of the popular single “Despacito.”


Come on dude, you kinda only had one job – and that was to remember the words. But the fans let him know how they felt about his little slip up and let’s just say this – he probably won’t be forgetting the words again.

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