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KFC Will Release Chicken-Scented Bath Bomb Featuring The Colonel’s Secret Recipe

For lots of people, taking a bath is a nice relaxing way to recover from a long an stressful day. Adding a nice bath bomb only adds to that relaxing feeling, and many of the scents are designed to put you at ease.


But what if your bath bomb smelled like an entire bucket of fried chicken? Just the thought of that seems crazy, right?¬†Well, it’s about to become a reality.


KFC has officially joined forces with retailer Village Vanguard to create something that has left many people scratching their heads: the KFC bath bomb.


If you’re cringing right now, you probably aren’t alone. Sitting in a tub of warm water that smells like fried chicken probably isn’t too many people’s idea of a good time, but still, the product is here.

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