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Guy Uncovers KFC’s Clever Twitter Joke And Gets A Prize From The Colonel

2017 has definitely been the year of savage social media accounts for many popular businesses and fast food chains. Seriously, the Twitter accounts for all of our favorite (and least favorite) fast food chains have been clapping back all year – and they’ve stepped their interaction game up to a whole new level.


Well, it looks like the world famous fried chicken chain, KFC, has decided to join in on the fun – but in the most subtle way ever.


The person who runs KFC’s Twitter account decided to make an interesting (and hilarious) choice with the people the account follows – and KFC thought no one would ever be able to discover the secret ‘code’.


But on Twitter user, edgette22, was able to get to the bottom of the 11 accounts followed by KFC – and the chain rewarded him handsomely for incite.

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