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Kim K Addresses White Powder After Internet Accuses Her Of Drug Use

If there’s one downside to being a celebrity (not that I would know from personal experience), it’s got to be the fact that there’s always someone in your face AND in your business.


While some people believe that’s just what celebrities signed up for, it’s got to be annoying to know that people are watching your every move – and always waiting for you to mess up.

If there’s any celebrity who knows this feeling, it’s Kim Kardashian. Ever since her infamous rise to stardom, millions of people have been obsessed with Kim K.


Although Kim is usually quiet when people have negative things to say about her, she recently decided to clap back after someone accused her of using drugs when they noticed a white powder behind her in one of her Snaps.


As a mother of two, Kim took the drug allegations very seriously, and she didn’t appreciate someone insinuating that she was indulging in that sort of activity. However, despite being upset, she managed to keep it classy with her response.

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