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Woman Who Lost Arm In Moped Accident Goes Viral Thanks To Tinder

Losing a limb is something that most people could never even imagine having to deal with. Trying to learn how to live life without an arm or a leg is a experience that would leave lots of us bitter, angry, and discouraged.


After losing her arm in a moped accident, Lauren, a 21-year-old woman from San Diego, decided not to become any of those things. Instead, she chose to remain positive and make the most out of her situation.


Thanks to Tinder, Twitter, and a good sense of humor, Lauren and her nub have officially gone viral, and her ability to still see the good in life has made her and her story impossible to ignore.


While most people are busy taking their Tinder profiles a little too seriously, Lauren is doing the exact opposite – and people are still swiping right.

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