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Gamer Forgets To End Live Stream And Gets Caught In Very Intimate Moment

These days, live streaming is all the rage. Seriously, you can do it from almost any social media app, and lots of people are taking to this method as a way to share information in real time with large groups of people.


But while live streaming can be convenient, it’s also kind of creepy if you think about it. The moment you start a live stream, you’re allowing people into your space to watch your every move.


One gamer recently learned just how invasive live streaming can be after accidentally forgetting to turn off her camera after a session.


Although gamer, Nova Patra, was recording a live session and while she told her followers that she was logging off, she never actually did.

As a result, viewers caught a glimpse of one of Patra’s most intimate moments – and she had absolutely no idea no idea.

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