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Man Is Abusive To Paramedic Trying To Save Someone’s Life Over Where The Ambulance Parked

There are many kinds of awful people out there, unfortunately, but there are three kinds in particular that make just about everyone else’s skin boil.

The first is able-bodied people who park in handicapped spots.


It may be time for holiday shopping and they don’t feel like walking from the back of the parking lot to the mall, but it doesn’t give them the right to park in a handicapped spot to cut corners.


The second are people who don’t pull over for emergency vehicles.

What is so hard about safely slowing down and moving over so an ambulance or fire truck can get by?


The third type of terrible person is the one that has no compassion when it comes to first responders doing their job.

One man was caught on video being incredibly abusive to a paramedic who was saving someone’s life.

Why? Because he didn’t like where the ambulance parked.

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